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Name:The Kink Meme Collection
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Want to hold a kink meme or link to one? Do it here.
Welcome to the Kink Meme Collection on dreamwidth!

This is a community where you can host or link to anonymous or signed kink memes.

How does a kink meme work?

- One person (the host) starts it out with a post stating the specific rules that apply for the kink meme. This can be within a fandom, pairing, specific kink or anything else.

- People then respond to this post with prompts, scenarios an d kinks which they'd like to see written or drawn.

- Prompts are then filled by others who are inspired by them and they then post their fics or art in a comment in reply to the original prompt.

- Replies can be anonymous or signed or kink memes can start out anonymously and posters be revealed once they are finished. Additionally, a kink meme can be ongoing or only open for a limited time.

- In conclusion, a kink meme relies heavily on reciprocity, so don't just request, but fill prompts too.


Tags will be used according to fandom or specific kink or any other specifics that might appear. Mods will take care of the tags.

Lastly, HAVE FUN!
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